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Part of the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust, the Dyfi Osprey Project is a great day out in Wales for the whole family and is within walking from your holiday home or lodge at Morben Isaf.


About Ospreys

Facing extinction in the 50s and 60s (due to the toxic effect of certain insecticides), Ospreys have made an incredible recovery, with the Dyfi Osprey Project being a fantastic contributor to their comeback. Ospreys are raptors (birds of prey) and reach more than 60cm in length with a whopping 180cm wingspan. The diet of an Osprey is typically made up of purely fish; this unique bird is extremely intelligent, adjusting its dive angle to account for the distortion of the fish in the water’s reflection. These marvellous creatures are well worth the day out to the centre.

The Reserve

The nature reserve started with humble beginnings in 2007; a single Osprey platform was created following just a few sightings. Fast forward to today and the conservation site has successfully reintroduced Ospreys to the area and there are Ospreys breeding in the valley for the first time in 400 years!

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The Observatory

Continuously growing, the project was chosen by the Heritage Lottery Fund to receive funding for its continued expansion and was able to open the impressive 360 Observatory. The observatory is the flagship of the reserve providing 360-degree views of the valley and is less than 200m away from the Osprey’s nest itself!

Dyfi Osprey Project
Wildlife Centre

Dyfi Wildlife Centre

Brand new to 2021, the state-of-the-art Dyfi Wildlife Centre is a place for visitors to enjoy osprey screens, interactive rooms and a café to enjoy lunch in. The centre is a cutting-edge building with carbon-positive energy performance, making it the most environmentally sustainable building of its type in Wales.

Whilst Ospreys are wonderful creatures, there’s an abundance of other wildlife in the area that shouldn’t be forgotten. You’ll also be able to spot birds like cuckoos and warblers, and in the enclosure, you might even be able to catch sight of beavers. A great day out for the whole family, the Dyfi Osprey Project is the perfect way to enjoy and support wildlife conservation in Wales.