Visit Ynys-hir Nature Reserve

Ynys-hir Nature Reserve, Wales

Less than 10 minutes from the Morben Isaf Holiday Home Park is the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) Ynys-hir Nature Reserve. A visit to the Ynys-hir Nature Reserve, as seen on BBC Spring Watch, is the perfect way to get close to nature in Machynlleth.


The Reserve

The nature reserve covers 800 hectares of varied wildlife, including mountains, Welsh oak woodlands and saltmarsh. Nestled between Snowdonia and the Cambrian mountains the area comes with some of the most stunning views in Mid Wales. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy some outdoor exercise, spend time in nature with family and friends or simply enjoy the quiet and allow the hustle and bustle of everyday life to fall away.

Walking Trails

There are miles of lovely walking trails throughout the reserve that are suitable for all abilities. A walk around the stunning oak woodlands in particular is worth the day out alone. The woodland is carpeted with beautiful flowers in Spring and Summer with butterflies and a wealth of wildlife to spot. It’s the perfect spot to sit and envelope yourself in this enchanted forests’ beauty.

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Bird Spotting

In spring you’ll spot a mixture of birds including wood warblers and the lesser spotted woodpecker, and some nationally rare bird species such as the gull-billed tern is known to visit the site. Spaced along the two main walking trails you’ll find seven bird hides and two viewing points to use. Birds aside, you’ll also see otters and polecats on your day out here!

Yny-hir nature reserve visitor centre

The Visitor Centre

There is a Visitor Centre at the reserve selling tea and coffee and light lunches. But there a dedicated benches for the family to enjoy a picnic whilst soaking in the surrounding nature. RSPB members can enjoy the reserve for free every time they visit.